We Call It... NFT 2.0


Own a $POODL 3D NFT, Earn Money

You can earn money when other people are buying merchandise. Sounds good? It is! And it’s especially easy.
You only have to own one of our 3D NFTs from the $POODL AR Pets collection on Opensea. Then, every time a product featuring your NFT is sold, you will receive a reward in your wallet.

Just follow the steps:
1. Go to the $POODL AR Pets collection on Opensea (always check for the verified badge)
2. Look through the collection and buy one of the NFTs
3. Done

Easy, right?
Now we can see your wallet address on Opensea and drop a payment whenever a merch with your NFT on it gets sold.

$POODL Augmented Reality

first step into AR NFT gaming

The POODL Augmented Reality APP lets you see your 3D NFTs through your phones camera and pin them on any real location you like. It is already available on Google Play and will be also available on Apple AppStore soon!


With the upcoming updates, buyers of our 3D NFTs will be able to pin their own NFTs. You can already find and buy our 3D NFTs in our $POODL AR Pets collection on OpenSeas.

More features, like animations and interaction with your NFTs will be added through updates.

POODL is redefining the NFT world and ushering in NFT 2.0

How to use the APP:

  • Single tap after starting the app: Show the User Interface
  • Plus Button [+]: Opens a drawer to select the NFT
  • Minus Button [-]: Remove last pinned NFT
  • After selecting a NFT from the drawer, point your camera towards a surface and wait until you see some dots indicating the surface
  • Tap the dots to pin the NFT at the surface
  • Move the pinned NFT: Press a signle finger onto the NFT and move it
  • Rotate the pinned NFT: Press two fingers onto the NFT and twist them
  • Scale the pinned NFT: Press two fingers onto the NFT and pinch them

NFTs with True Utility


$POODL knows that NFTs aren’t a passing fad. We believe in the value of NFTs as a true investment with utility. Here are just a few reasons why you should own a $POODL NFT!

  • Residual Income
  • Augmented Reality App
  • Collectability
  • Metaverse Use
  • Limited Editions
  • Tradability




Get Yours Today!

It’s time to join the NFT 2.0 Revolution and snag your $POODL NFT today!

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