Earn to Learn

Poodl Academy

At $POODL, we believe that wise and knowledgeable investors are the best investors. We believe in the power and future of the crypto space, so we are dedicated you being most informed holder possible.

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Poodl Academy on Telegram

Join the Poodl Academy on Telegram to ask Rose anything! We have programmed her with 200 filters to get automated responses to the most popular crypto questions. Ask her anything from “What is KYC?”, “What is DYOR?”, “What is liquidity?”, and even “How do I buy POODL?” Join now!

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Poodl Academy on Certification Program

The Poodl team is currently working on the very first official crypto certification program. Not only will you become a wise investor, you’ll be able to earn $POODL as you learn. First cohort is lunching Q3 of 2022. Stay tuned!


The Poodlcast

POODL Token hosts a weekly live Youtube, The Poodlcast, every Wednesday at 12:00PM Pacific (19:00 UTC), hosted by our CTO, Dr. Joe Way, and then simulcast on all the popular podcast channels, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music. Listen and subscribe…

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