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$POODL Token

POODL is a BEP-20 deflationary, self-LP generating token that is powered by the work and idea of its community. Safest token on the BSC.

Together with our 3D NFTs and Augmented Reality App we are taking the NFT world one step further: Just call it NFT 2.0.

We are proud to be the safest token in the BSC space, with all our leadership fully KYC’d and community of likeminded, caring investors. We know that we are all better together.

Liquidity Lock
Our POODL/wBNB pool is locked at UniCrypt for 5 Years! This means during the next five years you will always be able to buy and sell your POODL without worry! $POODL's truly a rug-free token!
Verified Channels
In order to keep you save from fake groups, we are applying to be verified where possible.
Currently we are verified at: Twitter, Telegram, Opensea and CoinMarketCap
KYC'd & Doxed Team
Poodl's admin leadership team have all been KYC'd through the SEEK Ecosystem! No bots and no hiding behind avatars. Trust in the team & community is POODL's #1 priority

Changing the crypto space...


POODL Token is no memecoin. It’s the first true utility token which includes retail payment gateways, 2D and 3D NFTs with use in the metaverse, charity donations, and an educational crypto academy. And all holders receive reflections for holding and participating! Check out the Our Partners page for more info!

Earn for holding...


  • 2% Redistribution
  • 2% Marketing
  • 1% Burned
  • .5% Charity
  • .5% Liquidity

Our Strategy

The History & Roadmap

2021 Q2

The admins saved the community from a rug and relaunched V2 on BSC.

2021 Q2
Charity Donations Begin

POODL partnered with Canines for Disabled Kids and has donated over $20K to our adopted charity.

2021 Q2
Poodlcast 1st Episode

To keep the community up-to-date on new advancements, the weekly podcast launches on May 31.

2021 Q4
POODL Academy Launches

POODL releases automated educational platform on Telegram for holders. Full LMS & crypto certification coming.

2022 Q1
3D NFT Release

POODL becomes first token to release 3D animated NFTs ("POODL AR Pets") with an augmented reality app and usable in the metaverse. residual income for owners too.

2022 Q1
Strategic Partnerships Launch

POODL creates strategic partnerships with multiple exchanges, joins the Seek ecosystem of tokens, and forms multiple utility partnerships from retail purchasing to metaverse integration.

2022 Q2
2D NFT Release

POODL releases 2000 one-of-a-kind hand-worked collectible 2D NFTs that pay dividends to holders with 1/2 of all sales returning.

2022 Q3
POODL Academy V2

POODL to release first integrated LMS for certifying crypto holders as they "earn to learn."

2022 Q3
Metaverse & App Launch

Multiple partnerships form to make POODL usable currency in the metaverse with limited edition NFTs and avatars for holders.

2022 Q3-4
Mainstream Marketing

18 months of work behind us, becoming the most secure token on the BSC, a mainstream marketing program to be launched with major crypto & news outlets.

Bridging & More!

Multiple simultaneous utilities are in the works to make owning, trading, and using POODL easier. POODL never sleeps!





Utilities & Partners

$POODL Token is proud to be a leader in building strategic partnerships for our holders. From retail use, to 2D & 3D NFTs, to charity, to media, to exchange partnerships, to eduction, and more!

Retail Partnerships

Holders can now use POODL to purchase retail goods online through the NowPayments gateway.

2D & 3D NFTs

We have 3D augmented reality NFTs as well as 2D hand-worked digital art. Holders can earn residual income and even use their NFTs through our AR app and in the metaverse!

Buy & Trade
Exchange Partnerships

POODL has taken down the Barries to purchasing by building strategic partnership with EverSwap, Bridges, StealthEX, Swapzone, Guardarian, and more!

Canines for Disabled Kids

POODL believes in social good. That's why we've donated over $20,000 to Canines for Disabled Kids to pair service dogs with kids in need... And .5% of every transaction goes to charity!

Poodl Academy

POODL believes the best investors are educated investors. Join the Poodl Academy on Telegram at And stay tuned for the first crypto certification!

Poodlcast & AMAs
In The News

POODL hosts a weekly YouTube show so you can stay up to date with every new development. We interview our partners, comment on the current market trends, and take questions from listeners. Also, POODL hosts AMAs across the crypto space every week.

Listen & Subscribe


$POODL is the first and only BSC token that hosts a LIVE weekly YouTube Podcast (and simulcast on all the major podcast players). Dr. Joe Way shares recent POODL news, educates the community about crypto and investing, comments on current state of affairs in the blockchain world.


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Frequently Asked

At $POODL, we consider ourselves one of the most forward-thinking of all tokens on the BSC. We have built strategic partnerships with exchanges, Seek Ecosystem projects, Metaverse projects, and retail partners. Whatever your interest, we’re probably involved! Check out the Our Partners page for more info. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget about our unique utility and rewards-based 2D and 3D NFTs. Oh yeah, and charity! We love our Charity partner!

POODL Token fought the rug and won! Our community is the strongest on the BSC! Check out more on our Whitepaper and our spotlights In The News!

$POODL has broken down the barriers to purchasing and holding. You can swap directly at great partner sites like EverSwap, Bridges, StealthEX, and Swapzone, or through centralized exchanges like LBank, Hotbit, and WhiteBit. Or, go straight to a decentralized exchange like  Pancakeswap, 1inch, Dogedex, Bakeryswap, or Sushiswap. For more detailed info, check out our How to Buy page.

$POODL Token believes in having wise and knowledgeable investors. Check out our Poodl Academy on Telegram at and our certification program at https//